Crown Chakra Oil


Chakra or Energy Centers in the Body

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CROWN CHAKRA BLEND (Sahasrara Chakra Blend)

Our Crown Chakra Blend combines Rosewood, Frankincense, India Sandalwood, White Lotus, German Chamomile, Neroli, Rose Geranium and Blood Orange Essential Oils to create a synergistic blend that uplifts your energy and brings feelings of serenity, joy and deep peace about life.

The Crown Chakra is the energy center within our bodies that is responsible for thought, awareness, enlightened wisdom, and our connection to the divine, being located at the very top of the head. This Chakra is associated with the color Violet and the pituitary gland within the brain and helps to regulate the energy of consciousness. The Crown see is at the top of the ladder and is set to be the place where the individual consciousness moves beyond materialistic needs and meets a higher state off universal consciousness.

When the Crown Chakra is out of balance, it can cause one to feel out of sorts, experience dysfunction and the consciousness, a sense of alienation or disconnection from life, and the lack of empathy. Those with an open and balanced Crown see feel connected to the higher self can easily access their inner wisdom, feel connected to the others and life, and feel a sense of serenity despite what is happening around them. 

Our Crown Chakra essential oil blend is expertly crafted to aid in bringing the harmonious flow of energy throughout the Third Eye Chakra.

Shelf Life: 2 years

Safety & Warnings: When used as directed, there are no safety concerns with this essential oil blend.  We always recommend doing a patch test for sensitivity.

How to use?

  • Inhalation: Add to a personal inhaler, a drop or two to a tissue wafted away from the nose, or in a aroma diffuser. Take deep inhalations to help strengthen your purpose and ability to connect to a higher spiritual consciousness.
  • Topical Application: Dilute in a carrier oil (5% to 10%) and apply the dilution on the crown of the head by gently touching or massaging in a clockwise direction.

Our Crown chakra essential oil blend is not diluted. This pure an undiluted essential oil blend is best used in a diffuser. If topical application is preferred, we do recommend diluting prior to applying the blend topically. You can also use our online custom blending tool to create an order your own customized blends using the chakra essential oil blends.